Joshua Parkhurst is a member of the Hudson County Democratic Committee.  he represents Jersey City Ward E, District 6.

What does a committee person do?  By law, in New Jersey, members of party committees must be elected by the people.  This is to prevent party bosses from simply stacking committees with their members to perpetuate their leadership.

Each election district has two committee members, one male, one female.  These committee members vote for the leadership of the party’s County Committee, as well as any local party committee.  The leadership is then entitled to endorse officials to receive the county “line” in an election, and is authorized to spend funds from the committee accounts in support of chosen candidates.

That is the only “official” job of a committee member.  Unofficially, however, committee members often serve as liaisons between the people and government officials.  Committee members also involve themselves in getting out the vote and other political activities.

I established this site because I want constituents in Jersey City to have an easy way to learn about what is going on, who to contact if they need help, and to keep open a channel of communication.  My Resources page lists the Democratic elected officials for our district.  My Updates page will contain information about various matters.  These can include information on mundane matters such as street closings, council meetings, and public events, as well as entries advising people about important issues that affect them.  I may occasionally provide some commentary and analysis on issues, but I do not intend to make this a “political” blog.  This site is for information, not self-promotion.

If you have any questions, you can go to my Contact page to reach me.  I look forward to being in conversation with you.