PSE&G Electric Transmission Construction Update – 7-24-2015

PSE&G provides daily updates informing the public where construction is taking place.  The latest update is below.

If colleagues or neighbors have any questions, please ask to send an email or call:

Residents who do not have access to electronic communications devices can call (201) 330 – 6629 for the electric transmission construction update.

Jersey City / James Ave & ST Paul’s Intersection

KEMSCO continues to excavate towards ST Pauls.

Trench on James needs to be widen to allow clearance under a UW fire supply line.

KEMSCO partial back fill from SC H-6 towards ST. Pauls.

Thermal sand only.

UTEC installed 75’ of 10” steel conduit, with compound bends,

Installed 60’ of 4” PVC.

This 10” has passed over the lowered UW, and the tele communications, with 22’ of cover.

Continue Friday.


Jersey City / JFK – Newark Ave / Conduit Reconfiguration / H-2313

UTEC attempted to install 10”conduit, having alignment issues.

KEMSCO excavated 100’ of trench.

Road plates, cones, signs in use protecting work zone.

Continue Friday..

ENVIRONMENTAL Specialist contacted to observe proper protocol handling of Gas Piping.

Ends bag, tagged, and top of pipe marked.  Dumpster on site tomorrow to live load out store in WEY waiting for test results for proper disposal guidance.


Jersey City / Newark Ave / SC H-4

RCC & SUB BRAS USA on site removing concrete and installing DGA.

Friday, pour concrete.


Jersey City / Splice @ Stop Joint / MH 3-1 / Monmouth Between Grand & Brightside

UTEC 24/7 splicing continues.


Jersey City / Splice @ MH 2-3 / Monmouth Between 1st & 2nd street

UTEC 24/7 splicing continues.