PSE&G Electric Transmission Construction Update – 7-25-2015

PSE&G provides daily updates informing the public where construction is taking place.  The latest update is below.

If colleagues or neighbors have any questions, please ask to send an email or call:

Residents who do not have access to electronic communications devices can call (201) 330 – 6629 for the electric transmission construction update.

Jersey City / James Ave & ST Paul’s Intersection

KEMSCO has completed excavation at this location last 90’ today had to go deep under fire supply to Delight Foods.

They back filled trench North across ST PAULS, thermal sand only.

Road plates, signs, cones, drums protect work zone.

Overnight police (James Ave One Way only).

Tomorrow restore James Ave up to intersection.

UTEC continue to install conduit.


Jersey City / JFK – Newark Ave / Conduit Reconfiguration / H-2313

KEMSCO  excavated 60’ of trench east on Newark Ave.

Back filed and paved to grade 100’ of roadway.

Road plates, signs, cones, drums protect work zone.

Tomorrow continue JFK & Newark Ave.


Jersey City / Newark Ave / SC H-4

RCC / BRASUSA poured concrete sidewalks, cubs, driveway.

Return date TBD to etch block pattern in uncured area.

RCC will need demob from lot under 78.


Jersey City / Splice @ Stop Joint / MH 3-1 / Monmouth Between Grand & Brightside

UTEC 24/7 splicing continues.


Jersey City / Splice @ MH 2-3 / Monmouth Between 1st & 2nd street

UTEC 24/7 splicing continues.

Splice completed tomorrow, weld sleeves in 2-3 scheduled Sunday.


Jersey City / Cable Pull MH 1-5 Senate to MH 1-4 Salerno Lot

Tomorrow’s pull reel carriers will be set up on Senate.

Winch truck will be set up inside Salerno.