PSE&G Electric Transmission Construction Update – July 30, 2015

Jersey City / James Ave & ST Paul’s Intersection

UTEC bent & installed 6” X 70’ steel conduit.

This completes tie-in of steel conduit from MH 1-3 on Van Keuren to 1-4 Salerno lot on James Ave.

The following remains to complete work at James Ave & St Paul :

Approximately 140’ X 2 of 4” PVC, 90’ of first lift of backfill, 140’ of 2nd lift of backfill, and 140’ of asphalt.

Road plates, cones, drums, signs protect work zone.

Jersey City / JFK – Newark Ave / Conduit Reconfiguration / H-2313

UTEC crew Newark Ave

Installed 50’ of 6” Steel conduit.

Installed 50’ 10” steel conduit.

Installed 180’ X 2 of 4” PVC.

KEMSCO back filled & paved to grade 100’ of roadway up to west side of MH 1-7.

Excavated 75’ of trench towards Summit.

Remaining steel conduit to be installed.

320ft 10” pipe left to be installed

310ft 6” pipe left to  be installed.

Road plates, cones, drums, signs protect work zone.



If colleagues or neighbors have any questions, please ask to send an email or call:

Residents who do not have access to electronic communications devices can call (201) 330 – 6629 for the electric transmission construction update.